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Top tips for a backyard chillout

Top tips for a backyard chillout

Summer is on the way! There’s nothing quite like chilling out with friends, and if you’re lucky enough to have some backyard space, why not turn it into the ultimate hang out?
We’re not talking a rager that will have the neighbors complaining, we’re going for a chill vibe here.
We’ve put together some tips for making sure your backyard party is an unforgettable, instagramable scene of awesomeness.

1. Pool your budget

Even small things soon add up, spread the cost by getting everyone to chip in some money towards the chillout.

2. Choose a vibe and go with it

Tropical? Secret garden? 90s nostalgia? Beach? Choosing and sticking with a clear theme for your decorations means even just a few bits and pieces can give your space a whole vibe.

3. Create chill out areas

It sounds obvious right? But you don’t want people having to awkwardly stand around or be too crammed in. Make sure you create enough spaces for people to lie and sit together, think of it like creating a few different outdoor living rooms.
Not everything needs to be a chair, remember the three Bs; blankets, benches and big cushions.

4. Make it potluck

Nothing worse than a party where one or two people are doing all the work. Who wants to face a mountain of washing up when all the fun is done? Not us. Get everyone to make their best vegan dish and bring it along. This also gets rid of stressing out over having enough food. Make it a cook-off competition so everyone brings their A-game.

5. Share the playlist

If you’re saying you’ve surrounded yourself with friends who share your exact music taste, then we either don’t believe you or you need to go make more friends. OK we’re not saying the party has to flicker between death metal and soft jazz, but getting everybody to contribute songs for party playlist will make sure everyone is happy and that the beat never stops. Need some ideas for chillout songs? Luckily, we’ve made a Green Monké playlist 

6. Photobooth

Selfie in style…or not. Go thrift store hunting and build a pile of random clothes for people to create a new look from. There’s just one rule…#Nofilter.

7. Bubbles!

Bubbles make everything better. We don’t want to meet the person who doesn’t agree with us on that.

8. Lawngames

Even a chillout needs a bit of energy. Having stuff to do is a great way to keep people entertained, and games and activities are a great way to break the ice if you’ve got some people that don’t know others that well. Some ideas are giant Jenga, Cornhole, Kubb, badminton/volleyball, table fussball, ladder ball. Just try and think what will work best in the space you’ve got.

9. Set up refuelling stations

You want everyone to be able to help themselves as much as possible. So get some big buckets, fill ‘em up with ice and water, and that’s where you can keep your Green Monké nice and chilled – easy for people to grab one whenever they want. 

10. Outdoor projector movie night

There’s no reason for the chill to stop just because it gets dark out. You can pick up projectors for your phone at a decent price, hang up your bed sheet (please wash it first) and you’ve got your own outdoor movie theater. Picking a movie everyone wants to watch can be tricky though, if you need some inspo, check out our chillout movie list here.

11. Get a hot tub

Ok this one is for those going all out for those summer vibes and with those making bank because it isn’t exactly the cheap option. But if you’ve got enough people willing to chip in, renting a hot tub can take your backyard hangout to the next level.

12. Consider the cold

Blankets, blankets, blankets. We can’t stress that enough. Everyone will come dressed for their best life in the sun, completely forgetting how quickly the temperature can drop when the sun goes down. If you’ve got one, a fire pit is also a great way to ensure everyone stays toastie…plus s’mores. 

13. Make sure you’ve got Green Monké

OK we might be biased but we’re saying we’ve saved the most important for last. Green Monké is vegan and has the perfect dose of premium hemp extract to help body and mind. It’s the ideal chillout drink for the warm weather, good times, and getting everybody calm together.

Stock up on Green Monké here

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