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Welcome to a calm new world

Welcome to a calm new world

Well first off, congrats. If you’re reading this blog it means you have heard, watched, or seen something we’re putting out there and thought “Hey this looks interesting”. You’re clearly a person of impeccable taste with an amazing instinct for unearthing the next big thing. Is our flattery working yet?

We know nobody reads anymore, so we’ll keep it brief.

We love having a good time. We love the fact that having a good time can mean different things to different people. Life can be pretty fucked up, so it’s important we all take time out to just...well… be.

Don’t worry, we’re not here for the people doing yoga on a beach at 6am - well we are - but we’re here for everybody else too.

We’re not going to be plastering our posts with phrases like “Live laugh love”, it’s not that deep. We here to have a bit of fun and help you to do the same.

Yeah our product is a hemp extract drink – but what we we’re really selling (sorry, until capitalism falls we have to sell something) is a good time. We’re those moments spent laughing with your friends about shit that no one else would understand. We’re every in-joke. Every story that starts with “remember when”. We’re not just talking wild nights; we’re talking lazy days, chilled evenings. Outdoor adventures. Indoor…we can’t think of the word for the opposite of adventures - but you get the idea.

We see ourselves as the glue that is binding everyone together on this wacky great big rock that’s hurtling through space. Which we realise is pretty egotistical for a drinks company, but you know, dream big and all that.

And if you’re not interested in having a good time, don’t worry, we’re also just a damn good tasting soda that’s bursting with tropical citrus flavor.

So go ahead, get some Green Monké in your life and Live laugh love have fun.

We’ve got some awesome stuff planned so follow us on our socials to come along for the ride.

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