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Our top study tips

Our top study tips

If you’re a student then you’re probably getting pretty anxious about exams looming. Well, there’s nothing we like more at Green Monké than helping people feel a little bit calmer about things.

So we’ve put together a few study tips that you might find useful.

1. Make a realistic study plan with built in breaks.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is thinking you’re just going to blitz it. Don’t try and do too much in one go. Make a plan that breaks up your study into doable bitesize chunks and be sure to build in actual breaks, don’t just work up until you can’t do anymore as this leads to burn out.

2. Have a routine for switching to study mode.

It can be difficult but try making clean a space and atmosphere that is productive for studying. It’s also useful to create a little routine for getting into the mood for studying. This can help separate your study time from your free time in your mind and make it much easier to focus. Things like changing your clothes, lighting a candle, putting a certain playlist on, turning off your phone (or at least put it on silent and out of reach), all this can help train your brain for study.

 3. Reward yourself for studying.

Try and make studying a positive thing. Not only try and focus on why you’re doing what you’re doing and how it fits in to your future life, but also build little rewards for yourself while you study. Got a Netflix show you want to binge? Don’t do it all at once, treat yourself to an episode each day, but only if you’ve stuck to your study plan. Set yourself milestones and give yourself rewards like your favorite food, or an hour or two of video games, whatever is going to make studying feel worthwhile.

 4. Sleep.


Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

This sounds simple, but a big mistake a lot of students make is treating night time as study time, or studying all day and then treating night time as free time. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and sticking to your regular routine. Going to bed too late is going to impact your ability to study effectively the next day.

 5. Teach it to someone else.

Ok this sounds odd, but for many people it’s really hard to just take in information. However, teaching it to someone else can help you remember things better. You haven’t literally got to teach it to someone, after all not many of your friends may be willing to listen. But make a little lesson plan, maybe even a presentation of the basics you’ve learnt, you’ll be surprised how much putting yourself in the position of “teacher” helps you deepen your understanding of something.

This is where study groups can be really useful; all give yourself an hour to study something, and then everyone has 5 minutes to sum up what they’ve learnt. Being in a room with other people may seem distracting, but if you all focus, it can help create a really productive environment. 

 6. Get the right drink.

Of course we can’t guarantee that Green Monké is going to help get you a pass, but each mood-boosting Green Monké can has the perfect dose of premium hemp extract to help body and mind. It contains no alcohol, no psychoactive ingredients and only 5mg of sugar, so it’s great for helping a relaxed energy and chill focus that a regular soda or alcohol can’t.

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